20 Times Zomato Rocked Social Media With Their Super Creative Posts!


1. When they nailed what Indian parties are like for the teetotalers. 1798549_837968172895933_78368844_n

2. “But plants are also living things!”1976976_841118219247595_1202814654_n

3. Been there, done that. 1982362_851059384920145_1685855211_n

4. No wonder breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 1174709_876106939082056_4293669775386875581_n

5. On Star Wars Day!10293832_884078628284887_9184998525774359729_o

6. In the world of Zomato, you either munch or you die.10442512_913490332010383_5186127839039430854_n

7. Girl you must be the square root of 2, ’cause I feel irrational around you.10516842_959907864035296_8230608619068394433_n

8. Monday morning blues anyone?10613160_964340976925318_201971969621340992_n

9. Who else did this?10603272_1018122068213875_4245331871381793087_n

10. That’s what they said.10846111_1042225425803539_6175078243566998274_n

11. Truer words were never spoken.1969174_1053610157998399_8800456296333063016_n

12. The only time you are happy about mmm..day10917464_1062252623800819_8233011967434159363_n

13. And then they started hiring…10993963_1099004166792331_5577891066988973618_n

14. Crazily..



15. Even when Yahoo fired their tech employees in India.



16. When they managed to fit into the world cup as well.1506593_1118416474851100_7949868476451326150_n

17. Don’t you just hate it when that happens11110767_1131648753527872_3364970319212210149_n

18. When you enter your favourite restaurant, and your favourite dish isn’t available.10641172_1150212695004811_2296263987181713131_n

19. I have too much space, said no one ever.10405413_1154136797945734_7066671079053610334_n

20. Everyone right now. Maggi.


Zomato is our favourite brand on social media, what about you?



15 thoughts on “20 Times Zomato Rocked Social Media With Their Super Creative Posts!

  1. A lot of these ideas have been floating around on the internet (been to sites like 9gag and imgur?) for a long long time. What Zomato did was copy them and put them out at the right time. Nothing great here. Just some smart designer earned a lot of money and praises for doing it.

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