The 24 Most Brilliant Social Campaigns Which Will Leave You Impressed!

1. When Kolkata Police wanted pedestrians to use the Zebra Crossing.21815_480526788679927_1295138520_n

2. Hitting where it hurts the most. Literally.164415_480041525395120_1751659265_n

3. When being skinny was fashionable.309987_325873197478621_228713052_n

4. This ad was placed strategically in a few books, and also in Kindle devices.538830_407689639296976_332686610_n

5. Brilliant execution548769_406364076096199_663071233_n

6. When the world in a conundrum over the colour of the dress.905717_879290385470230_144206037640494149_o

7. This anti-racism ad ended up being racist itself! 936040_617573814975223_379052434_n

8. Some things can’t be covered.1148787_685274698205134_1654163283_n

9. Go ahead, google this.


10. This pamphlet which caught your attention.



11. If it can save a billboard, it can save you too.1907519_923581931041075_362478393301893209_n

12. Together, we can eliminate HIV.1932346_661656893900248_1080146610_n

13. This award winning campaign.10314554_900003170065618_6114887746713033195_n

14. The tables of polygamy might just turn. 10448200_751881918211078_1391860211790567395_n

15. Seat belts save, period. 10468080_741293002603303_7807114501312851716_n

16. Exactly.10509530_752285074837429_2882959959419214755_n

17. This staggering one liner.10511371_752409608158309_3750176004426447902_n

18. This one for literacy.10524611_747586421973961_277707841946183277_n

19. We played this as children on our phones, now we are playing this with our lungs.10574392_753504371382166_374752927218654217_n

20. Clever use of a magazine to spread awareness about eye donation. 10603236_903930846339517_8342460314612321194_n

21. Arrival awaited.11055393_891525624246706_6402756482916290627_n

22. If you are using force, it’s rape.11130177_903931296339472_1259537730174386318_n

23. It’s only fair.11143671_894898950576040_616060497425586206_n

24. We are speechless.


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