When ‘The Simpsons’ Rocked The World Of Marketing With These Absolute Winners!

Simpsons, the legendary sitcom has been in social media for the last couple of days after it was revealed that Homer and Marge would part ways and split up, while Bart would be killed!

While the show goes on, here’s looking at how these characters have been rocking the world of marketing:

1. When the Simpsons movie was being released!

2. This is all of us on every Monday morning.d694f85674d53cd9eee8bef85dbf9e12

3. When Zomato also displayed fandom for the show, D’oh!264019-simpsons

4. Enough storage space for all of Homer’s junk food.renault-kangoo-the-simpsons-storage-5838

5. This legendary ad by Dove which blew our minds away. dove-define-and-shine-control-gel-the-simpsons-1852

6. We saved the best for the last. Imagine.44074_lego_thesimpsons



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