16 Spectacular Gay & Lesbian Ads Which Will Change The Way We Think About Them!

1. Ray Ban’s ‘Never Hide’ campaign made a brilliant shout out for the LGBT community

2. When Fastrack took the road against Sec 377.213710-1934140

3. Tanishq too spoke out against Sec 3771934158

4. Popular brand Hidesign embraced equality for all.1934665

5. I just can’t think straight! Oh wait…3664103226_14ac2e4ed8

6. When the Delhi High Court legalized Homosexuality in 200910X20 Taaja Maal

7. When the Health Minister commented that Homosexuality is a disease.amul-hits-1263

8. After the supreme court verdict on Sec 377 in 2013, when freedom of choice died a slow death.amul-hits-1758


9. Now that’s one way to negate sec 377

10. No matter who you are, it’s all the same!chevy-volt-gay-ad

11. While the communication was sexual health awareness, this ad made waves by showing a gay couple.gay-ad-350

12. When this ad for a gay sexual hotline out-witted everyone else.hotline-hotline-gay-small-37349

13. JC Penney showed support for the LGBT community.les ad

14. Zim coloured powder drove home the point that, Love comes in all shapes and colours!love-is-colorful-lgbt-gay-lesbian-ad-campaign-zim-colored-powder-4

15. This groundbreaking gay matrimony ad by an Indian mother for her son.matrimonial-embed_061115080929

16. When UN waged a war as well.o-UN-FREE-AND-EQUAL-570

Support the LGBT cause, spread awareness.



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