After Maggi, Haldiram Too Gets Into Trouble, And Ofcourse, Twitter Reacted!

With the controversy surrounding Maggi, other food products have also come under the scanner of food safety inspectors. In India? Naaah, this is all the way in USA!

The United States of America has declared Haldiram products as unfit for sale in America. The US FDA has reported existence of pesticides in Haldiram products, including high bacterial levels.

So is it a rare thing?

No, not really. This elimination happens every now and then, when food standard compliances are not met. The US restricts it’s sale in their country. But the issue was highlighted because this year, most of the Indian snacks that were rejected by the FDA were from Haldiram’s.

What us the US FDA saying?

In their own words, the cookies, wafers and biscuits of Haldiram’s are‘filthy, putrid or decomposed-otherwise unfit’. They said their baked products are unfit for consumption and they are adulterated and contains poisonous content.

So what’s Haldiram’s saying?

But ofcourse, here goes the defence “Our food is 100% safe and complies with the law of the land. A pesticide that is permitted in India may not be allowed there. And even if it, they may not allow it in the same concentration as it is here.”

Aah, so what’s cooking on Twitter?

We thought you’d ask, here goes :

This dude totally spoiled a birthday party

Tanmay being Tanmay

Wait, is this the Mayans?

Because Pani Puri > World Peace

And it continued..

(Alright then, give me that bhujia)


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