10 Everyday Emotions Which Were So Different Back In School

Just when we though we were nearing the end of series posters taking us back to our childhood, or showing us the differences between corporates and start-ups, Scroll Droll released a beautiful set of posters which take you through what emotions like fear, success and swag meant for us back then. And oh yes, it’s all very well relatable.


2. 11401239_735285783267810_636176456010462081_n

3. 1459306_735285796601142_850820193380334407_n

4. 11403458_735285803267808_3198690605402748030_n

5. 11181091_735285776601144_3573713482301278511_n


7. 11267040_735285719934483_7750648671267984935_n

8. 11392797_735285686601153_86585449050373282_n

9. 10984029_735285663267822_1367990152812637190_n

10. 11536065_735285636601158_109374804331340679_n


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