The 28 Most Brilliant Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns We Have Ever Seen!

1. When Yahoo turned into Hulk

2. Would you sip, what you make your environment sip?396598_280665435332731_1700786531_n

3. This campaign was run in a mall for Pet Healthcare538548_402442273155046_311446827_n

4. Now that is one way to get your message across553270_825941097471826_5603868118291187285_n

5. Yep, that’s all it takes. Easy peasy.1000953_660387080693896_655860034_n

6. All terrain? For sure! Parking spots for Jeep.1185289_572877272778211_656467965_n

7. Smart Bwoy!1506043_910111162388152_2053530282343086484_n

8. Wait, didn’t we already cover one with Hulk?1521211_647640825301855_57602732_n

9. The best gym trainer in the world.



10. Now you can’t run if you are sitting, can you?1723859_664184826980788_1052045473_n

11. Seat Belts Save. Period.1907519_923581931041075_362478393301893209_n

12. When Coke introduced their Mini Cans.10403316_750153765050560_4543529824580801604_n

13. The Sun The Sun!10409638_825593330839936_5857306309199647504_n

14. This poster was purposely mounted this way, so that when a curious passer by lifts it up, this happens.10428245_751871251545478_2906132192354645497_o

15. Chakachak!10458625_761692773896659_1567951519587578391_n

16. Placement that even Sachin would be proud of.10492523_751869461545657_4847967980212202242_n

17. Is it a storm? Is it a hurricane? It’s Orient Fans.10496196_753243921408211_5468656517627473764_o

18. Park Avenue created this razor with a cooling strip which left behind a cool feeling after a shave. To depict that, they used air conditioner vents to get their point across!10498014_748671458532124_7283994087195450705_o

19. Go make Kim proud.10527340_751661751566428_1305378675739611348_n

20. Live Weather updates, to promote their website. 10533165_754273417971928_2534873872710688042_o

21. Genius.10562985_753246564741280_7757617724702652057_n

22. You had one job!10703644_795692420496694_7710373896105734780_n

23. Dead birds, obviously.150634_457403544325585_1590409525_n

24. Because white.11079605_891523734246895_2198707263357992182_n

25. Very thoughtful indeed.11143671_894898950576040_616060497425586206_n

26. This was done in Dublin to spread awareness about chewing gum being thrown around in streets.11182144_907761812623087_7455167222968012153_n

27. What’s it with Hulk!?11204888_905169679548967_2948875122908521328_n

28. Hulk’s biggest ‘fan’. 11401189_923582831040985_6434651305119977431_n


7 thoughts on “The 28 Most Brilliant Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns We Have Ever Seen!

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  2. This is not guerrilla marketing. It surely is pretty innovative but most of these involves huge marketing money. Creative advertising and guerrilla marketing are two different concepts, the whole essence of guerrilla marketing is in its very little budget involved.


    • Well I’m not into this business to know the costs of putting up something creative like this than the usual stuffs. But being a creative guy, I can sure as hell say this works better than the usual stuffs a thousand times more, so if I were given a choice to use these with a 50% or a 100% increase in cost than the usual stuff, ofcourse I’d think twice about using it everywhere, but I’d atleast use some of these few techniques to produce better results …


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