3 thoughts on “Greenply’s Hilarious Ad About A Dhongi Baba Who Eats Chicken

  1. When will these advertising agencies stop ridiculing Hindu Gurus? can they dare to do the same to Muslim maulvis or Christian priests who have been involved in much heinous crimes…or are Hindu the soft target? or this their a greater conspiracy to malign Hinduism at large thru a subtle negative portrayal of its Gurus? why cannot advertising companies keep their hands off religion? In the name of free speech these advertising agencies and journalists indulge in journalistic terrorism….such terrorism needs to be checked and kept under leash otherwise they can have disastrous consequences on the psyche of a believing population! this m,ust stop once and for all and boundaries should be drawn for journalists and advertising agencies beyond which they dare not tread! I have serious doubts on their intent of the owners of such agencies and on their sources of funding! The government of India should have such agencies also investigated by CBI/ED/IB/RAW etc to find out their hidden agenda!!


  2. Mr Shiv prakash mittal founder of GIL, did your guys exhausted with Ad ideas & targeted Hindu Sadhu’s? And you call that as an HILARIOUS Ad. I have hilarious ideas to use Muslim Moulvi’s & Christian Father’s for your product Ad, do you have guts to do that? Recall the Ad or I will take legal action


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