And Now Other Brands Jump Onto The Flipkart-Snapdeal Bandwagon!

Flipkart has been creating a lot of buzz about their new campaign – ‘Acha kiya nahi kharida’ – (Another BIG sale coming up obviously), which has also been trending on Twitter.

Snapdeal sensed a great ambush opportunity, and trolled Flipkart big time
(Check it all out here).

Then the hoardings came into play, and it was one massive troll


And when 2 brands fight, it’s always the third brand which takes the cake away. This war led to some creative imagery from various brands, and the opportunistic trolls began!

Check out what Coupon Duniya did :


Then Paisa Bazaar too jumped onto the bandwagon :



Why would OLX stay behind :


Who won in the end?



We are loving this war, all we can do is, sit back and enjoy..


..and wait for more brands to come up with some creative hoardings of their own. We will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, check out similar trolling on the Housing Billboard.




11 thoughts on “And Now Other Brands Jump Onto The Flipkart-Snapdeal Bandwagon!

  1. All three Photoshopped. -__- That too VERY poorly.
    The CouponDunia and PaisaBazar are clearly the same image, the text is extra crisp, brightness not in accordance with the image, and even the text isn’t aligned to perspective.
    The OLX image, apart from the other points mentioned above, also a pathetic attempt at “content aware”. The tree seems to have grown out haywire.
    Sorry for the hate, but at least get a good designer.


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