These 25 Greatest Advertising One Liners Are Here To Blow You Away!

1. When Porsche shared our hatred for airline food.11110273_902859029780032_3065132409886423993_n

2. Not a one-liner, but that sarcastic tone.10451178_862994040433198_1269746634137015798_n

3. Red FM spoke such true words.10891483_842303529168916_5507429259374172021_n

4. Soochna janhit mein jaari10432933_797877026944900_5770037924894728299_n

5. When it was Elections Time 10153106_800226793376590_8447444241399641137_n

6. Because Royalty.1653416_792861444113125_3827056519593116479_n

7. When Flipkart fooled with their pricing on Big Billion Day1011753_791681280897808_5412112046775495514_n

8. But first, let me take a selfie


9. Tweetard knows how to make puns10458847_759010697498200_4085428007276204363_n

10. Dont drink and dri…10489891_748961801836423_4157541649600626633_n

11. At least there’s some ounce of honesty in it.10484344_728339503898653_5444595977563095051_n

12. Durex playing with words10155117_700030026729601_4126185444427966867_n

13. When Burger King trolled McDonald’s1618630_660877637311507_865653446_n

14. Truer words were never spoken1557623_655120257887245_1079961339_n

15. Because honesty.1391981_612078605524744_1386223600_n

16. We sense some Sheldon-ism.15097_506874596045146_322705246_n

17. Beatles on Abbey Road 21815_480526788679927_1295138520_n

18. Genius.374320_467555776643695_1638533401_n

19. Whoever thought of this, hats off!543768_456934431039163_1898061197_n

20. What a sexy a*!222342_443188892413717_1135031256_n

21. When small businesses do great marketing380203_443831062349500_522688944_n

22. Zor lagake..65532_417721181627155_1160953724_n

23. You gotta say it right, to get it right.388874_409283305804276_2106345600_n

24. Scrabble plays with words (obviously).255322_392254777507129_1523431293_n

25. A moment of silence.533380_368686473197293_955874737_n

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