Here’s Why We Think Whisper Got Their Father’s Day Campaign All Wrong

We don’t know what Whisper is smoking, but we’d like some of it. Here goes –

So basically they are telling us to use this Father’s Day as an opportunity to go and pointedly talk to our fathers about periods.

‘Hey dad, really want to share very specific details about my cycle with you’

‘Hey dad, want to let you know my dates, maybe we can sync it with your monthly doctor appointments’

No, we aren’t being naive and blind to the cause of awareness. We’re all for a world where we don’t treat periods like a disease and don’t refer to periods as “that-which-shall-not-be-named”. But, the underlying theme of this ad is that it’s not enough to just be open to your dads about everything including periods. You necessarily need to go and talk details. Um, why?

What they could have communicated, was to not shy away from these conversations when required. Maybe how single fathers could prepare their daughters for periods. Something as simple as how you can freely ask your father to buy a napkin for you when you can’t. Maybe why no one should be treated differently because they are having a period, or about how it isn’t something which needs to be hidden from your dad, or shoved away in brown bags or black packets.

But the idea of using Father’s Day as an opportunity to ‘build the bridge’, and ‘strengthen the bonds’, and ‘talk periods’ with him is so downright baffling.

Women empowerment and equality gets a setback when popular brands use such themes in amateur and unconvincing ways to create some noise, which is well, just noise.


5 thoughts on “Here’s Why We Think Whisper Got Their Father’s Day Campaign All Wrong

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  2. Hi Team,

    I feel that Whisper shouldn’t have pin pointed it directly that females should directly of no reason approach their dads and discuss about periods.

    Instead they could hv shown two different scenarios….before or after types..
    Wherein in before scenario they could have shown that a girl having pre menstrual pains n mood swings. Upon being asked by her father she is giving excuses of headache etc and concealing the true fact. And in after situation . They could hv shown its the educated mother bridging the gap n telling her daughter to tell her dad the truth when she is in periods ( not actually focussing on the conversation…just enacting) . And when probably similar scenario happens.. She tells the truth.. No need to show the conversation.. just one word she says n dad understands everything ..hugs the girl..girl smiles…wid tears in her eyes with happiness or tears of relief..gets her whisper n then focus on mother who is cooking in kitchen n smiling ..and then comes the caption Bridge the Gap…Whisper.. Simple…emotional music bckgrnd to make an emotional connect..bang on..

    I believe that would have worked wonders. Because everyone your elder brother or your father…All knows…certain things r not meant to actually said…they r understood…


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