Have You Seen This (F)Lying Car Internet Prank?

Everyone loves a good prank. When brands take on the whole audience and prank them – nothing better! This crazy prank about a #FlyingCar has been winning the internet, and catching people’s attention. Here’s the meat of the story that you need to know:

It started with “Udo” making an appearance on social media. Udo is a Flying Car! There was a whole lot of talk around how it’s the next biggest thing & can convert your friendly next door Alto into…hold your breath…a flying car. unnamed

Yes, yes, we know that sounds ridiculous but it was a major convincing pitch. The post(s) led you to this epic Prank Website, check it out yourself!

And then you scroll and boom! There is no flying car.


(See what we did there?)

So, the website crashes with this anticlimax:

Untitaled Untitled1

The idea being to show how GoZoomo is a verified used-car marketplace.

Twitter ofcourse had it’s own fun way to acknowledge the campaign:

Some painted a pretty picture…

Some remembered the good ol’ potter days…

While some went all philosophical…

All we have to say is… that’s one high flying prank! Take a bow, Gozoomo, take a bow.

unnamed (1)fb_share2

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