Is Radhika Vaz The Voice Of The “Liberated, Modern” Indian Woman (Read: Brands)?

Radhika Vaz, a namer unheard of until a few months back, unless you were a fan of the Indian comedy circuit before the AIBs and the TVFs jumped in.

She is hilarious, we’ll give that to her, and various female targetted brands have been realizing that.

In this age, where “breaking stereotypes”, and talking about things that were supposedly “taboo” are the ‘in’ thing which is getting brands a lot of eyeballs and traffic, Radhika Vaz is the go-to-woman for that.

She just did this hilarious bit for Sofy (a sanitary napkin brand), who is hell bent on keeping the ‘period’ conversations going. More power to them ofcourse. Check it out

Definitely something we’d like to spread word about ourselves. And, not long ago, she did something very similar for Faballey (a clothing brand), and this time around, she was in her birthday suit.

Definitely a great tactic to get people talking about your brand.


One thought on “Is Radhika Vaz The Voice Of The “Liberated, Modern” Indian Woman (Read: Brands)?

  1. Ref your article on virginity in the TIMES OF INDIA dtd 18 Aug 2015. You really don’t know what you are talking about , not even in fun such ideas are provoking and misleading youngsters in India.
    Conditions,facilities and society in India is totally different from that of western culture . In the UK , if a 13 year old gets pregnant, the government offers her a seperately free home as per their benefit scheme . In the US , she is given the choice of abortion, or nurture ; its her private affair , their society couldn’t care less what happens to her. In india, the girl will risk getting her throat cut by her brothers ( as you might have read in today’s news ). There is no choice for the girl but to go by what her parents dictate. Society and government offers no help . In fact , at any rate for the rest of her life the girl will suffer .
    You think you can change Indian society where all girls want the irresponsible enjoyment of the girls of western countries without any matching social support and, parents want their girls and boys to behave responsibly to themselves and to society; the responsibilities that go with enjoyment should be taken care of. Tradition is much valued by Indian society and rightly too.india is not a COMMERCIALISED society where commercially profitable business has only meaning and nothing much else .Character development is restricted to the imperatives of commercial business which they conduct sans any sense of social responsibility whatsoever.
    Respecting traditions is NOT a sin in India,but youth always get misled by external glitz and glamour without any mature social content . Western life- style suits the western traditions but Indian life- style for Indian traditions which has stronger and deeper roots. Rudyard Kipling has rightly noted that ” west is west and east is east , never will the twain ever meet ” ,or words to that effect.
    Under the circumstances , your expression of socially unacceptable or views incompatible with social customs and traditions of India was,to say the least, highly immature. But at your age thats all what we can expect from such “Indian videshis” like you. Comedians better restrict themselves to comedy without commenting on social traditions of a multi cultural society as India which has five times the population of the US with failed commercial traditions with shallow roots of just 200 years or so.Their socially irresponsible profit oriented corporate business practice has brought upon an economic tsunami out of which neither they nor the rest of the world has not recovered.


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