The More You Connect, The Less You ‘Connect’ – Ogilvy’s Print Campaign


Who made this ad? 

Ogilvy Beijing.

For whom?

The Center For Psychological Research

What was the problem?

The social media focused (we are saying that, irony huh) and tech savvy population.

What’s the solution?

These print features shows two people in the same room, but still worlds apart. A giant phone separates the two, as one person in the picture focuses on the screen, while the neglected family member sits behind it.  It shows how our need to connect online has resulted in a disconnect with those around us, and who are offline.

What was the intended impact?

To encourage us to consider our own dependency and connection to our devices. It makes the viewer reconsider how there are those around us that we neglect in favor of said devices.

11665490_10153626297038676_2196185901412684918_n 11236430_10153626297018676_8025059392864668781_n


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