Amul’s 15 Brilliant Ads in June – Every Marketer’s Delight!

Amul is probably one of the best timed marketers ever.

They have a craaaaazy knack of capturing any news or any buzz and converting it into a delightful print ad. And we all LOVE Amul for that!

Here’s a collection of their kick-ass work in June 2015:

1) When Modiji met his predecessor.



2. When Sepp Blatter was re-elected as President of FIFA despite the corruption allegations.amul-hits-2051


3. When Sachin, Rahul, and saurav took on BCCI’s advisory committee role.amul-hits-2052


4. When the movie was making a lot of buzz.amul-hits-2053


5. When Jurassic Park became the movie with the highest grossing opening weekend.amul-hits-2056


6. When Sushma Swaraj and Lalit Modi were all over the newsamul-hits-2057


7. When Donald Trump announced his running for the President’s office.amul-hits-2059


8. On World Yoga Dayamul-hits-2060


9. When a particular Bangladeshi bowler was giving the Indian batsmen nightmaresamul-hits-2061


10. And then when Dhoni finally lost his coolamul-hits-2062


11. When clean governance went back under the scanneramul-hits-2064


12. When Kerala appointed Steffi Graf as it’s Ayurveda Brand Ambassador.amul-hits-2065


13. When Satnam Singh became the first Indian in the NBAamul-hits-2066


14. When Lalit Modi accused CSK players of corruption.amul-hits-2068


15. And Lalit Modi just kept going with his controversiesamul-hits-2067



We’re definitely Mad Over Amul! And you?


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