The Twitter War Between Olacabs And Uber Just Reached A Whole New Level

Uber and Ola Cabs have taken their war a notch higher people, and it’s one battle we are loving to witness!

A few days back, Ola let out a huge burn on Uber with the following tweet :



Since then, Uber must have been waiting for their revenge (can’t help but make it dramatic), until…


…Until a certain Ananya’s tweet caught Uber’s attention, and they pounced on it.


Both campaigns allow customers to get free drinks at certain bars upon producing a ride receipt.

Ola ofcourse wasn’t gonna take that lying down, the war ladies and gentlemen, had begun!


We were waiting for some gravy and some more sauce, until suddenly they shut shop, but had an undertone of so much hate.


And Twitterati got to work : 2015-07-05 14-24-49

Our favourite was when Tanmay took a dig on Meru and the Autowallas : 2015-07-05 14-24-34 2015-07-05 14-24-20



We have a feeling, this isn’t the end of it. You?








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