7 celebrities who appeared in TV ads before they ruled the silver screen


Many of these celebrities have ruled our hearts from the  time they first acted in Bollywood – May it be Vidya Balan in Parineeta Or Deepika Padukone in Om Shanti Om!
But do you, however, remember where and when you first saw these stars? That’s right; these debut performances weren’t their first on-screen offerings. They appeared in advertisements way before –

1) Preity Zinta – We are sure 90’s kids remember this one!

2) Vidya Balan –  In this extra long Clinic Plus ad!

3) Deepika Padukone – She is actually pretty easy to recognize in both these commercials

4) Priyanka Chopda – In a Dabar Vatika shampoo commercial

5) Aishwarya Rai Bacchan – A brand ambassador for Longines now, she began her career with Titan Quartz

6) Salman khan – His first movie released in 1988. This advert hit television in 1985.

7) Raju Hirani – He turned  actor for Feviciol

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