Snapdeal’s ‘Azadi Ke Fayde’ Campaign Was A Fresh Dose Of Creativity! 2015-08-21 01-09-58
Independence Day is inevitably a time when all brands jump onto the marketing bandwagon, to try and leverage the opportunity. Also inevitably, most brands end up drowning in the clutter. In the midst of this, one brand stood out with a hatke take on independence – Snapdeal. When everyone was taking a very standard, thematic mindset to Independence Day, Snapdeal took an unconventional route to engage with the audience… there’s mad video ads and creative instagram-ing….read on!

Most ad campaigns that came out highlighted how great independence is. Snapdeal went like, what about how we misuse independence?! Interesting? Yes! Preachy? No, actually! They brought out small snippets of everyday life, where we end up misusing our freedom. These are quirky, very very relatable and have high recall.

What was the point they were trying to drive?
‘Azaadi ka galat fayda mat uthao, fayda uthao Snapdeal ke Freedom Week ka’

Fantastic slice-of-life ads, check these out:

Video 1 or as we like to call it, The One With The Whipped Husband:

When the cat is away, the mice will play – is passe. When the wife is away, the husband wants to partayyy. Refreshing take on an Indian family set-up with a humourous touch – we like!

Video 2 or as we like to call it, The One With The Free Ka Prints

You’ve all done this, you all can relate. Don’t even deny it.


Fun, right? There’s more.

We have seen brands over-use Twitter, they have definitely exhausted Facebook, but rarely has an Indian brand done something interesting on Instagram. A growing social media portal, but also very difficult to use for consumer engagement. At the end of the day, you can only like and comment. Retweeting and Sharing (the pillars of a viral campaign) is not an option.

Check out this wittily crafted game by Snapdeal, which got Insta Users, Insta Happy!

Full marks for marketing awesomeness!

That’s how you get a campaign right. So what are you doing with your freedom today?

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