A Satire On The Stereotyping And Discrimination Faced By Indian Women – No Country For Women

The kind of stereotyping and discrimination that women in our country are subjected to, breaks our hearts. These images don’t make a difference to that, it doesn’t make it stop, but if an impressionable youth is reading this today, he or she will probably be on the right side of this issue.

The Minimalist has used popular brands and their products to drive a very important point – No country for women.

11933446_396547673881649_904405980890473195_n 11891198_396547660548317_7065621976074278331_n
11953132_396547670548316_2202322091965502921_n 11891089_396269563909460_7171850023602950422_n 11873483_396269593909457_3473092781772308049_n 11949291_396269570576126_6033279172214887882_n 11903725_396269600576123_3798893390881412685_n 11902425_396269607242789_3546061511482949315_n 11888046_396269567242793_2679549313764529181_n



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