A Fresh Take On Live In Relationships And Acceptance By Parents | Brooke Bond Red Label Ad

They say the Indian ad industry is going through a paradigm shift. This is one of those ads, which is aiming to be contemporary and definitely delivers. However, a few questions still trouble critics. Are they trying too hard? Why is it always the girl who needs to impress the parents? Why is the knowledge of making tea such a major pre-requisite for acceptance?

At the same time, the supporters see it as a modern approach to the Indian lifestyle. A pure slice of life ad which folds out exactly as it would if it were you or me in the protagonist’s place.

We feel this ad is a winner, and does more good for us than bad. What’s your take?




4 thoughts on “A Fresh Take On Live In Relationships And Acceptance By Parents | Brooke Bond Red Label Ad

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  2. Hi MOM,
    Is it really a fresh take on live-in relationships? While the part where they show live-in relationships is great the conservative mindset of our society is clearly shown by how the girl runs to cover herself with a dupatta, followed by her making tea to impress the in-laws.. (You know because good tea equals good wife for helpless boy😏)
    It’s a sorry attempt by red label to capture a younger target audience. The concept might be nice but the brand does not truly believe in the choices that youngsters make. It lacks authenticity.


  3. of course it is good … what is troubling ? if she had sat and asked the “mother-in-law” to make tea would it have been less troubling ? Participating in new social concepts does not mean you will not be decent ….

    and what’s wrong in making tea anyway ??????


  4. The ad beautifully creates a bridge between our modern lifestyle and our parents’ orthodox expectations. The guy’s mom still would expect her daughter in law to be efficient at household chores while simultaneously accepting their live in relationship! I see nothing wrong with it. In the quest to be liberal, we can’t take a random leap. Instead we have to take the society forward understanding the mindset of the previous generations. Had it been the other way round, the Guy would have had to butter up to his Beau’s parents to be accepted!


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