The Many Things You Didn’t Know Your Genes Could Do

Have you ever wondered why different people have different reactions to the same quantity of alcohol?

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You probably have, when dealing with your crazy drunk friends.

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The reason is your genes. Different genes determine how differently you will respond to alcohol.

If you are a 90s kid, you will probably remember how the secret to a good height was a healthy dosage of Complan.


Turns out, healthy nutrition only has a 20% effect on your height, the rest 80% depends on your genes. This study of how our body responds differently due to the difference in our genes is called Personal Genomics.

Genes, not only determine your alcohol-downing capacity, but also your height and, more importantly, they determine your likelihood of develop diseases. To put things in perspective, let’s put it this way –

We often live in fear of the unknown. The uncertainty of the kind of diseases we might develop as we grow old. If I smoke, will I develop lung cancer? My father has diabetes, am I prone too?

Imagine if there was a solution to this problem. *Enter personal genomics*. A personal genomics test does 3 things

1) It will identify your risk for diseases
2) Help you reduce that risk
3) And prevent that disease, you never saw coming.

Recently, Angelina Jolie did such a test and found out that she carried a gene change that made it extremely likely (87%) that she would develop breast cancer. This early identification gave her the priceless opportunity to get preventive treatment and drastically reduce the probability of her developing breast cancer to less than 5%. 2015-09-21 00-09-00

It’s highly advisable to be prepared, and get a personal genomics test. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime test (’cause your DNA never changes), which allows you to live your life feeling this way:
giphy (2)

To know more about making your life better through Personal Genomics, you can give this a quick read.


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