Fake Car Scratches & A Very Fun Campaign Indeed!

You know that awesome feeling when you can sell an old model and recover a gooooood sum of money to buy a new model. Like an old car for a new car?


Not uncommon, right?

But the problem is – most of us don’t know if we are getting the best deal. We don’t know if this is the max we can sell the old car for. We don’t know what our beloved, old car is worth!

Enter Indian Blue Book!

What is it?

It’s a website, where buyers and sellers can check the present value of their used cars.

So, what’s the problem?

Users are not aware that such a service exists. It’s a very uncommon product, and is a little difficult to market to the customers. After all, it’s a very intent based activity. You and I do not log in to check our car’s valuation like it’s a Facebook notification.

So how can you engage users, and encourage them to check their car’s valuation?

Simple! Here’s what Indian Blue Book did. They created a ‘scratch sticker’ and pasted it on various empty cars in parking lots.


The fake scratch on their cars, immediately caught the attention of car owners.


Here’s what the sticker read:


At times like these, all we can say is ‘daag ache hai’! What an idea Sirjee!



Check out the reactions to the fake scratches below :




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