Uh Oh! There’s An Ugly Truth Behind Zuckerberg’s Tri Colour DP

Yesterday, the entire nation (including us) were gloating about how Mark Zuckerberg changed his display picture to our national colors and was supporting the ‘Digital India’ campaign. But a closer look at it, and turns out there’s an ugly truth behind it.

The agenda behind this DP change that Facebook has happily extended to all of us is to alleviate ‘Internet.org’ – a service which will kill internet freedom and hurt small businesses massively. Remember all the net neutrality posts and videos that were going viral, and we all were hand in hand supporting it? By changing your display picture to the tri colour, you have officially voted against Net Neutrality.

Some internet nerds pulled out the source code to identify this :



Now, we don’t get the particulars ourselves, but our tech friends tell us that FB is using the profile picture change to claim our support for Internet.org and sharing this information with the DoT.

Siiigh, so much propaganda. So, are we seeing a massive number of profile changes today again?




9 thoughts on “Uh Oh! There’s An Ugly Truth Behind Zuckerberg’s Tri Colour DP

  1. This is so hurtful that all the sites are spreading this rumor without inverstigating the trustfulness of the claim. The code snippet shared is a html code and the piece underlined used for css formatting i.e. how pictures and text should look on screen. This a div class name which was probably used in some other code piece and here, it is just referred to avoid writing that piece of code again. This in no way can register a vote. It simply defines the way a text or picture should be displayed.

    Please get the facts straight before publishing them.


    • I don’t think they claimed that it would register a vote either, they clearly wrote “claiming your support”. Facebook has in the past used this method for their analytics to portray an ‘X’ number of people who are showing their support for some cause, in many cases those people don’t even know what they’re supporting and if they realize they don’t want to and choose to pull out, their digital footprint of ‘support’ is not discounted by Facebook.


  2. this is fake picture, as u can see div is closed twice bt it is opened thrice…so some social devil just edited the source code, nothing else


  3. The whole concept of net neutrality is absurd and its just a demand from the proviledged part of India the mean part. More over it is just a social hype because of AIB which everyone knows is sponsered by snapdeal which was not under airtel zero and flipkart was! Also we need to stop caring about who is earning what! Going after airtels revenue but not understanding what they have given to the country which most of the people revolting against them won’t be able to do for the country in their whole life!
    My logic does not support it, I feel internet.org is a good/best initiative so far to provide some reliable source to information even in the most rural part of India which is in desperate needs which obviously privileged India won’t understand!
    How does it possibly harm us I do not understand! They say you have limited choice? How ? You can do whatever you want !!! selfish people u will still have your 2g-3g to shop and do whatever!!! And frankly everyone will !!! Its for the betterment rural India stupid people!!! Stop juding it from your westernised thoughts just because somehow ur family could afford English!! Use your Brain for god’s sake and for humanity’s stop following all the buzz and support anything blindly which seems trending and cool!!!!
    The youth really needs to change their selfie selfish and hash tag mentality … And analyse things from a practical angle as we are a different nation with unique structure and unique problems ! If u don’t have a solution or if u are not trying to fix it them stop using your brain in all this.


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