Flipkart Trolled Once Again, This Time It Cost Them 20 Lacs

So, what’s happening?

Our good ol’ Flipkart got trolled again, this time it was their ‘return policy’ which was exploited by Veera Swamy, a resident of Hyderabad.

What did he do?

3 simple steps :

1) Order products from Flipkart
2) Call the customer care and ask to return the products
3) Keep the products with him, and replace them with stones and rocks instead

Say whaaaa?

Yes! He returned bricks, and not the actual item ordered. He would keep the original item, pack the box as it had arrived and write the model number and item code. He ordered items in the name of his family members and close neighbours. Once the item was reported as ‘returned’, the money was credited into the fake accounts he was operating under various names.

Veera placed as many as 200 fake orders in the last 20 months, costing Flipkart over Rs. 20 lakhs. Flipkart has demanded a police inquiry into the case.

With the big billion day coming up, this sure has put some ideas into people’s heads.



2 thoughts on “Flipkart Trolled Once Again, This Time It Cost Them 20 Lacs

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  2. Many of the fake buyers have started comming in.
    None of the seller will send any such thing because the buyer has all the rights to cancel or return the product.
    People are taking undue advantage .and either courier companies are also involved
    They should always get the product checked by the buyer and take receipt before handing it over to the customer

    Same process should be followed while accepting the returns

    People are keeping new denims,shoes and returning old rags and stones in the same packing to the seller

    This is actually a bull shit and must hv to take some strict action against it or both seller and online companies will bear such kind of losses again and again.


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