Citibank’s New Avatar Has Got All Foodies Salivating!


Indians love food. We take our food very, very seriously. We also take our city-level patriotism very, very seriously. For instance, the Delhi > or < Mumbai battle never dies out. So, what happpens when you throw in some food opinion in the mix?

Well, Citibank wanted to play the devil & find out. They took a debate online, and sought to settle it for once and for all –  Which city’s food is better? Mumbai or Delhi. 

*Oh no you didn’t*

So, what’s on your plate? Some good ol’ spaghetti bolognese..

Twitter Food

Or something more exotic..

Twitter Vapour

So this is how it all went down.

Foodies and hosts Maria Goretti and Kunal Vijaykar asked the audience what their favourite places to dine in Mumbai or Delhi were, and Twitterati went crazy. Basically, go ahead and tell them #WhatsOnYourPlate



With ordinary Tweeple going crazy, some celebrities jumped in as well…


Garuav Kapur seemed like he was foodgasming…


And very soon, the debate turned into a party / food crawl… 2015-11-04 08-58-41















We loved it when Harsha Bhogle joined in to give his “assessment of the situation” 2015-11-04 08-59-00









A fun and smart campaign by Citibank to associate itself with “food” & “dining” – Twitter is clearly responding well to this.

unnamed (1)

We are totes sure we like this new side to Citi. What we aren’t sure about yet is this whole Delhi Chaat vs  Bombay Vada Pav… *sigh*

Here’s how Maria Goretti and Kunal Vijaykar finally settled on an answer –


What do you guys think?



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