Burger King Just Took Customer Service To A Whole New Level

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to deescalate a customer grievance, just a simple, honest admission of guilt and a heartfelt apology.

Social Media Pundits say the demand for a response to a complaint is 15 minutes on Twitter and about an hour on Facebook. Burger King however, was a little too late.

A certain Udit Bansal left a review for Burger King on Facebook, but apparently they missed it.

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2015-11-06 02-10-45
When Burger King later found out this miss, they got in touch with Udit over a phone call, but hey, that isn’t personal enough!

So burger king landed over at his house and surprised him with a musician who doled out the tunes to ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’. Now THAT is pure class! Check it out.



While competitors are rolling out robotic messages with no solutions…

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2015-11-06 01-49-30

…such a level of personalization from Burger King has raised the bar. It’s heartening to see some genuine ‘customer care’, a term which is now substitute-able with ‘kripya line par bane rahe’. As far as Udit is concerned, he is probably feasting on a whopper right now!

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2015-11-06 01-55-51

Well played Burger King, well played.



One thought on “Burger King Just Took Customer Service To A Whole New Level

  1. Burger king sector 35 C chandigarh

    I order a meal of ₹206 form the burger king for which i did pay previously through my paytm wallet. The burger king confirmed my order but soon after that they met their area code i.e (do not deleiver to my location) and cancelled it.. It has been 2 days from the day of my order and i havent received my refund yet. I also contacted to the manager twice and he made lame excuses and told me he will call me back but never did.. So this is nothing but a way to explore more money from innocent people and fill pockets for their personal means.. I never expected such kind of a thing from #Burger king. It is a huge brand and even after their packing, service and VAT charges they are not satisfied.. So here they grave out a new way of cancelling orders and then put them in their pockets.. They very well know people wont bother about small issues and will forget.. And then those managers will serve their stomaches… I hope and expect an immediate response from you or else i will have to face higher authorities…. Resolve the issue as soon as possible…

    I shall be thankful


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