Tea Company On Social Media – Mismatch? Tetley Green Tea Proves Us Wrong!

How does a tea company engage customers through social media?

  • A fashion company can show products and talk about style, a tea company cannot share samples online and talk about taste.

  • A brand in it’s maturity stage like Coca Cola can talk about ‘Opening Happiness’ and engage their audience, a tea company doesn’t have that option.

  • An e-commerce company like Snapdeal, can ask you what your dil ki deal is on Twitter, a tea company has only as many flavours to ask which is your favourite.

Tetley Green Tea countered this all by launching a web series titled ‘The Transformation’. Whaaat, a web series? Here’s why :

Customers often turn to social media to learn about fitness tips and hacks. They not only want to know about these tips from brands, but from actual people. They want to listen to real stories of how people are turning fit.

Tetley is aiming to show how green tea can help in reducing weight, burning fat and help us be fit. The 12 week web series is about the ‘transformation’ of 19 individuals from fat to fit. How, you ask?

Some grueling martial arts training from experts and some invaluable ‘funda’ on how to eat right and live right. But wait, there’s drama too! Contestants will be eliminated through fitness challenges and the winner will walk away with a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh.



The webisodes have already started airing, and users have set Twitter abuzz with #TransformWithTetley trending nationally twice.


Here’s to a warm cuppa!

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