Snapdeal and HTC India Set A New Benchmark For Creative Story Telling On Social Media

Snapdeal just launched the exciting HTC One A9, and to introduce the phone, Snapdeal and HTC India took on a photo journey on social media, where they traveled around Delhi and took interesting pictures from the phone’s camera.

You know those phone ads where they talk about all their specifications, with these many megapixels of camera and some techno display and what not. Seen that, got bored of that.

So, Snapdeal and HTC India decided to be creative and tangibilized the camera aspect of the phone.

HTC India started the photo journey with a warm cuppa and a warmer invitation to Snapdeal to join them in the #PursuitOfBrilliance!



This was followed by HTC India and Snapdeal taking a trip of  Delhi sharing pictures of the India Gate, Connnaught place, and central Delhi.



​The activity is a departure fr​om the run of the mill conversations done by brands on social media. Snapdeal has always been quite quirky in their Twitter campaigns. The acquisition of Freecharge was done through a cute proposal between Snapdeal and Freecharge on Twitter (Check it out here). Since then a lot of brands have followed it. Snapdeal with its HTC partnership has taken a step forward and done a photo walk on social media. The campaign humanized both brands and very effectively showcased the camera of HTC One A9.

Looks like this partnership between Snapdeal and HTC is here to stay!



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