Virat Kohli Rings In Something New In A Desi Way In Manyavar’s Latest Instalment

Is there ANY thing this man can’t do? From setting the dance floor on fire at Yuvraj Singh’s wedding to scoring a smashing double ton against England, Virat Kohli has us cheering at everything he does. And there’s one brand that really reaaallly knows how to show us a new, droolworthy side of our favourite Kohli – Manyavar.

Manyavar has been hitting the ball out of the park with all it’s recent outings with Kohli. They’re back with a new campaign, and surprise surprise, it’s awesome yet again. Virat Kohli in Manyavar kurtas is giving all boys out there major dressing goals.

Seriously people, look at him.


But even beyond the obvious eye candy and awesomeness that is Virat Kohli, Manyavar has executed a wonderful campaign. Kohli takes us down happy nostalgia trip, citing all those little instances when our parents would dress us up in new kurtas to mark a special occasion, a new beginning. Whether it was a first drive in a new car to get ice cream or a visit to meet the new born younger sibling, we got mad excited and soaked in every little moment in all it’s glory. But…why stop now? In today’s hectic world, let’s still find time to celebrate something new, and let’s do it in a kurta! Watch the full ad below:



Kohli in his gorgeous new Kurta, announcing how today is a special new beginning cuz he’s made tea for the first time is just a perfect wrap to the really simple but effective ad! Sweet, engaging and a very subtle emotional connect – the ad just works. Take a bow, Manyavar!

So go out there and don a new kurta today. Just because 🙂


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