Donald Trump’s First Campaign Ad Is Scary, Controversial & Highly Racist

Donald Trump is serious about what he’s been talking about. Till date, we have all been dismissing his antics as mere limelight grabbing, headline making gimmicks, but his outrageous statements are actually what a few Americans want to hear right now, and he is gathering momentum by the day.

One thing is clear. He definitely believes that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. His campaign ad is chilly, and proves he is not friggin’ kidding. This ad propagates xenophobia, is extremely racist and shows that power in the wrong hands can be extremely dangerous.

Excuse our biased thoughts, but there are impressionable young children who are going to be watching this ad on prime time television, and this is not what they should grow up learning.

Take a look.



Shocked? You shouldn’t be. He has gathered a massive following, and people despite his controversial nature, feel that he is the only way they will get security. A big shout out to the folks at Vox who have created this hard hitting video. Gives you the chills.



This is bound to be a very interesting race to the White House.

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