This Viral Biba Ad Is Winning Hearts, But They Don’t Deserve It!

Anouk’s lesbian couple ad, Anouk’s Radhika Apte ad, Tanishq’s second marriage ad, and Biba’s latest ad campaign, all had one thing in common.

A dusky woman.

Marketers across the globe have found a secret sauce for success – “Breaking Stereotypes”. All the above ads “break stereotypes”. Anytime we talk about breaking stereotypes, it’s either a dusky woman getting a job, or a lady boss with corporate clout, or she is breaking taboos about her periods. Why don’t we ever see a eunuch getting a job, or a timid dwarf with corporate clout, or breaking any other taboos.

‘Feminism’ has been the most mis-used and most loosely defined term in 2015. No, women over men is not feminism. No, a bold, confident woman is not feminism. Advertisers need to stop portraying their definitions and understanding of ‘feminism’. It’s not required. It will go viral on social media, you will get your paid likes on facebook, blogs like us will continue to write about you, but you will never get any genuine brand connect out of it.

Let’s have a look at this ad.


The biggest irony of this ad is that the woman who is fearing choosing a husband over just a cup of tea and samosas in her house, ends up testing him over a plate of food in his house. Tit for tat, equality yo! How does that make sense? How is the reverse situation any different?

Another scary thing is, for the ad to make sense, they had to show the father not listening to her concern in the very first scene. You had to make him look bad to look good. Oh btw, have we forgotten that in an arranged marriage the guy is always asked about how much he earns and whether his house is bought or rented.

No, this is not a rant against feminism, it’s a rant against brands incessantly using their hallucinated concept of feminism to gain eyeballs. It will be heartening to see brands not jump on the bandwagon, and respect the concept for once. Here’s Emma Watson sorting it out for one final time.


giphy (10) giphy (11)


What are your views?




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