MTV’s Dunk That Junk Campaign Has Got Celebrities Trashing In Cool Fun Ways!

So MTV & Parle have helped start off a really cool trend. Everyone on Social Media seems to be coming up with mad ways to throw their trash. Yes, you heard it right. Trash! “Don’t be a punk, #DunkThatJunk” – this unique clean-up campaign is catching eyeballs. For every 10 videos, MTV will set up a dustbin in the city. Pretty cool, we think. Parle MTV The Junkyard Project is an attempt to get the youth to take a stand on cleanliness and also aims to action change on-ground through clean-up drives that are built on music and art.

From celebrities to us ordinary Tweeple & Instagrammers – people have come with some really creative videos. Check out a few below:

The one where Varun Dhawan & Kritin Sanon go cray cray


Kriti even got a chance at redemption in this Dizzy Dunk Challenge


Even the dhai kilo ka haath dunks the junk


Cool Ninja backward throw coming up


Ayushman Khurana, being charming as always


Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna make a game out of it


The one with K..K…K….Karan


If the Dog can Dunk That Junk, so can we


The one with erm…the aunty on a treadmill


Some major TT swag being served here


Nikhil Chinnapa pitches to ’em music festival people


Wait a minute, is that a Varun Dhawan lookalike? 


This is the BEST HULLAHOOP EVER, you go girl!


Why be boring, when you can #DunkThatJunk in innovative ways like this


She finally did it!


Aaaaand our personal favourite – photoshop + KimmyK FTW!


So, what are you guys waiting for? Go ahead and take your #DunkThatJunk challenge. And get your friends on it too!

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