Nestaway Has A Hilarious Ad For All Bachelors Who Have Ever Looked For A House!

Are you unmarried & looking for a house?

Okay, sorry. But keep reading ‘cuz after all the jokes, we have something very, very special for you.

So basically if you’re a bachelor/bachelorette in India, and house hunting, most of the world does not particularly believe you are a normal human specie. You, my friend, are a beer chugging, party-loving, noise-making, absolute ruckus-creating animal! I mean, you have to be, after all you’re not married and society-approved. You go meet house owners / brokers / what-have-you, and you’re eventually going to the get “the stare”

One brand that has brilliantly managed to capture this insight & offer a solution is … Nestaway. Nestaway is this awesome broker-free solution to find houses on rent all over India. Their latest campaign is an accurate and incredibly hilarious take on sweeping problems ALL bachelors face while looking for a house. The ad takes a jab at how apparently the only desperate solution for bachelors is to get an “insta-wed kit” and just marry your damn flatmate to get a house. Except, well, wait-for-it – here’s presenting Nestaway, which can actually get you super “bachelor-friendly” homes. Short, simple and funny, the storyline just works. Watch the video below:

We love the campaign! 100% relateable and very contemporary, the video is picking up a lot of traction. Well done, guys – take a bow! And keep being the harbinger of hope for bachelors! 😀

PSA ::  You can thank us later


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