Motorola Trolls Apple And Samsung In The Moto X Force Teaser!

Don’t we all love a little competition? A little banter is always fun to read and watch. So when the big brands come out with all guns blazing, it’s time to heat the popcorn!

This time, it’s Motorola. They’ve come up with a really intriguing teaser which shows the iPhones & Samsungs of the world falling and yep, cracking the screens. The video is basically a drop test that all big smartphones fail. Enter, Moto X Force – which comes out totally unscathed! For the uninitiated, Moto X Force is Motorola’s next big launch (February 1st) with a clear USP of  a shatter-proof screen. We’re hooked, and we’re listening.

Along with the ad, Motorola got on the front foot & started tweeting some major burns.

Life’s still good? (LG) Ouch.


Still the “Apple” of your eye? Touche.


Check out the full teaser video here:


Well, got to give this round to Motorola. It’s probably gonna badly affect the ridiculous creativity some of us display on making the most of a shattered screen though 😀


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What do you think the next move will be?







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