ICICI Empowers You To #GiftALivelihood For Free To Someone Who Deserves It

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

You can either help underprivileged youth by making their ends meet for a short while or refer them to ICICI Academy for Skills and help them earn a sustainable livelihood. The choice is yours.

The ICICI Academy for Skills is giving you a chance to help young Indians coming from less privileged backgrounds, by referring them to #GiftALivelihood, a free-of-cost skill training programme, with the help of which they can earn a sustainable living.

It could be your driver’s son, who you know is hardworking and motivated but isn’t exposed to the right skills. It could be the young chaiwala next door, who is keen to learn but doesn’t have the funds for it. All it takes is a few minutes on your part to make the referral, that’s all. Did we tell you it’s free too?

Check it out!



Your referred candidate will go through a 3 month long skill training programme, with the end goal of making them employable for the industry. 58,000 lives have been changed till now with a 100% placement record. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and refer! If you do not have anyone to refer you can always spread the word! You could be changing lives.

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18 thoughts on “ICICI Empowers You To #GiftALivelihood For Free To Someone Who Deserves It

  1. Dear
    My name is Manoj Kumar Jha.I live in Delhi ,I am visibly handicap (75 percent) last 5 years.
    I want to do physiotherapy course and I want to do help to whose person they problem in palalised , back pain etc.
    Please help for this



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