Skore Condom’s Bold New TVC Is As Spunky As It Can Get!

Skore Condoms has always been quirky with their advertising, and they never fail to disappoint. Remember when they went out and spoke to people all over Aamchi Mumbai about flavoured condoms?



Well, they are at it again, and this time they are getting bolder, better and naughtier.

What do we love about the new TVC?

They have reached out to a wider audience. Who, you ask? Someone who is an active participant of its usage since donkey’s age. Yes, women. It not only speaks to them, but also speaks through them.

Girls in a condom ad, nothing new right?

Wrong. The idea of using girls in the ad is not to be suggestive about more pleasurable intercourse (which btw is the only communication other brands endorse). It’s to propagate something as simple as women carrying condoms with them, which is traditionally perceived as a man’s product.

Check it out!



Very, very cheeky indeed. For a target audience that is getting younger every day, quirkiness is indeed necessary to keep up with them. Their tagline also rings the same bell, bad is the new good.

M.O.M Tip : Don’t go in the battlefield, without protective gear.



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