Coca Cola Re-Brands Itself, Moves Away From ‘Open Happiness’ To ‘Taste The Feeling’

Coca Cola has unveiled their biggest brand campaign in the last ten years, with the tagline “Taste the feeling”. This replaces the 7 year old, and much successful “Open Happiness” theme. While the previous theme was about aspirations and what the brand stands for, the new theme directly aims for the product. The shift is to drive home more simple pleasures, like enjoying an ice-cold Coke on a hot day.

image (1)

But that’s not it, Coca Cola has released a plethora of brand content, and if you are Mad Over Marketing, it’s literally like Disney Land! The brand is anyway top notch with their advertising spots, and this time around they have released six 60 second videos and numerous print ads.


Refreshing indeed! Here are their print creatives, the idea behind which was to capture authentic, unscripted moments in a contemporary way.


coke-taste-the-feeling-0 coke-taste-the-feeling-2 coke-taste-the-feeling-3 coke-taste-the-feeling-4 coke-taste-the-feeling-6 coke-taste-the-feeling-12 coke-taste-the-feeling-11 coke-taste-the-feeling-10
There’s more coming up on this campaign, stay tuned!




2 thoughts on “Coca Cola Re-Brands Itself, Moves Away From ‘Open Happiness’ To ‘Taste The Feeling’

  1. No way can this be better than iopen happiness… That was a landmark campaign with their christmas ads and brilliant campaigns across countries and languages. That was beautiful… And touched emotions… This, I don’t know… Doesn’t touch the right chord with me…


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