Flipkart’s #EveryoneOnFlipkart Campaign Is Oh-So-Relatable!

 Flipkart is back with a new campaign, and we really like it! #EveryoneOnFlipkart is a series of content pieces that ‘happen to be ads’. It showcases stories of Indian men & women embracing online shopping & Flipkart and is doing a great job of showing very real, desi characters, without making them look like caricatures! Check out their ads below:

# 1 – The One With Rastogiji & His Loyal Customers

We all have that favourite corner shop down the street, here’s a story of one such shop run by Rastogiji.



# 2 – The One With The Neighbourhood Chulbul Pandey

This ad’s got mimicry, a chai wala and an ending that that makes you smile. What’s not to like!




# 3 – The One With Bong Mausiji!

A know-it-all mausiji leads this one. Find out what her secret sauce is.



# 4 – The One With All The Office Shopping

A watchman’s job is to keep an eye out for nuisance only? Think again.



A refreshing change from the usual e-comm sale sale sale ads, #EveryoneOnFlipkart is catching eyeballs very fast! What did you guys think of the series?



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