Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Is Now The Biggest FMCG Marketer, Beats Cadbury & Parle

That’s right, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali had 17000 appearances on TV screens across the county between Jan 23rd and Jan 29th, beating the FMCG big guns like HUL, Cadbury and Parle.


What’s important to note here? This is an Indian brand. Everything from manufacturing to distribution to management exists in India. These das were for butter. shampoo, biscuits, noodles, honey, aloe vera cream and dental cream. All these 7 commercials were rolled in together, and there’s a lot more coming up as well. This was not a one time thing.

In fact some reports are claiming that  “Patanjali is all set to spend Rs 300 crore in the next 6 months, to rigorously promote their FMCG products, and to expand their reach and brand-recall value.”


Does this ring in trouble for the FMCG biggies in India?

Here’s what another report had to say –

“Patanjali’s products have become so popular that they are now directly snatching away market share of established FMCG czars such as Colgate and Unilever. In fact, Colgate-Palmolive India has recorded their worst ever performance in the last 44 quarters, and slowest growth in last 6 years, as their share of toothpaste products have been greatly reduced by Patanjali’s own toothpaste product.


6 thoughts on “Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Is Now The Biggest FMCG Marketer, Beats Cadbury & Parle

  1. Baba ramdev has a good fan following, his products could have an equal fan following too..however could we still consider it to be a threat to brands like hul and p&g…patanjali is still a baby and needs to be fed with the right amount of food to see it grow least compare it to these big FMCG giants…Only time will tell…


  2. I would think twice about buying from a company who also sell ‘medicines’ for ‘conceiving’ male progeny. One wouldn’t know what stuff goes into his products.


  3. These other companies are trying to pull patanjali back but i personally these other companies wre fooling us by rainsing their products prices also these companies put celebrities in their ads .. To raise income.. Im happy the product of patanjali are gaining rise in market .. Atleast their price is affordable .. To all class citizens


  4. It is very interesting to see that an Indian company is eating decades older companies. I think it started with word of mouth. Anyways the whole strategy of ‘Baba’ is great – high quality, low price.. Kudos to Patanjali..!
    All in all, I would love to see an Indian company competing with the global products.


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