Citi Priority Pitches To The Go-Getters With Their Aspirational #WhatsNext Campaign

Ask any marketer what gives them sleepless nights, you’re gonna hear – TG! (target group of customers, silly) Who are they, what do they want, where are they, aaaaaaa!


Any and every great campaign needs to speak out to the TG. For eg. Amazon sings “Aur Dikhao” and reaches its TG of the restless Indian shopper while Cadbury’s asks “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye” and reaches its TG of the Indian family. But what’s interesting is a hard blood financial institution getting its targetted marketing right! Yep, Citi.

Citi’s coming up with Citi Priority, a product offering focussed very very sharply on the “go-getters”. The ones who achieve big and then dream bigger. Citi Priority is all about those living the big life and constantly asking “What’s Next?” You know, the awesome sorts.


 And they’ve really nailed down the dynamics of this TG. Tailor-made banking services for their accomplished side, simple & clean tab banking for their efficient side, flexibility for their globetrotting side, high end discounts for their high flying side and the list keeps going on.

And it’s clearly worked in pure numbers for them. Here’s the blow by blow on what went down.

They got a whole rage going around #WhatsNext – the handle trended all India for over 3.5 hours! Citi reached a cool 6.2 million+ accounts in their campaign. And the magic number of “impressions”? Over a whopping 57 million. And this was just one of their handles. #Citi trended for over 2 hours all India as well.


The campaign picked up a lot of steam in the first day itself. And things only got better on day 2. Analytics show that increasing number of people showed positive sentiment towards the campaign.


Not just that, the general engagement levels through original / re-tweets & replies also showed an positive trend. This is how just the first two days panned out.


… all this led to a fantastic show on all key metrics online – reach, conversations, users, impressions and what have you. The magic numbers right now are at:

Reach: 11,512,179; Conversations: 12,047 & Impressions: 121,320,792

Everything sustained over the 2 critical days of the campaign.


The best part of it though honestly was that it wasn’t all empty numbers of eyeballs. There was genuine engagement across the board.

 The TG immediately felt a connect & started responding to the campaign…





shahid fan.jpg

…people opened up about #WhatsNext on their bucket list



sir jenk.jpg

…some even got cheeky with the #WhatsNext hashtag!


 All in all, this was a very tightly run, effective campaign. From a marketing standpoint, it got all the right buzzwords of “Citi”, “Priority Banking” etc. trending. Kudos!

Whoever’s behind this, clearly dissected the TG and created the perfect set of offering & pitch to appeal. Simple, clean & niche – we like it!


You can check out their video here: 2016-03-14 17-41-47




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