Titan’s New Ad Has Been Winning A Lot Of Hearts, But It’s The Most Predictable Ad Ever

Titan’s new ad attempts to #BreakTheBias, but the big twist in the end was expected from the very first scene. It was as predictable as Aamir Khan’s attendance at an award show. The idea being portrayed here is – change the way you look at a woman’s success. While the thought is novel, the execution is average.


The notion about our biases of suspecting a woman’s success to close proximity to her boss, which the ad suggests comes naturally to us – was needed to be force fed by showing us Rajat and his female colleague frame after frame after frame.

While the execution is average, the point that they are making holds true in the corporate world and is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise cluttered zone of ads aiming to ride on the ‘break the stereotypes’ wave with no clear agenda.

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