Coke Zero’s Drinkable Advertising Campaign Got Millennials Really Excited!

Whenever a commercial comes on TV of a warm pizza or a sweet treat, how quickly does it trigger your desire to order in? Considered one of the great successes of advertising is a brand’s ability to translate broadcast activations into purchases. With marketing moving farther and farther away from the ‘traditional’ in any sense of the word, age-old brands look to new forms of delivery to engage the modern consumer. So, instead of looking at a warm pizza or sweet treat through the screen, what if you could eat it at the cost of . . .nothing?

Coke Zero launched an initiative that has been touted as “drinkable advertising,” creating a fun way to shell out free products to unsuspecting consumers. In a series of drinkable campaign activations and events, Coke Zero has partnered with advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather and music discovery app Shazam. Check it out!


Source : Simone Spilka


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