Swiggy Is Launching International Delivery And We Are All Very Excited!

So you are feeling like some Sushi, straight from the shores of Japan? Or maybe a great American cheeseburger from downtown Manhattan? It’s your lucky day, because Swiggy is now launching International Delivery!

shahid super happy

They are expanding their network to cover the entire planet –  a truly global ordering experience. Once you order, your delivery will be preserved in liquid nitrogen, so that it is delivered fresh. Too good to be true? Check this out!


So close, so close.


April Fools’ Day is one of our favourite advertising holidays. It’s a magical day when brands are smart, relevant and amusing at the same time. Swiggy through their video has managed to create a connect with their audience and engage with them in the most fun way possible. The reason this works is – who doesn’t want firangi food!?

Swiggy has brought out their human side through this video, and has pranked a lot of us. April Fools’ Day is after all the only day that brands can make a fool of themselves and others, and get away with rather devious and practical jokes.

Happy Fools Day!


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