Finolex Bridges The Rural-Urban Gap With A Delightful #SaathHaiHum Campaign

This World Water Day, Finolex launched the #SaathHaiHum campaign to help bridge the rural-urban divide. They made a video which attempts to break the stereotypes around village vs city folks that exists in our heads.

There is a very clear perception even today that India has two distinct parts – the rural villages, with their wells, their farmlands, their orthodox ways… and the urban cities, with their tall skyscrapers, swanky offices & modern outlook. Finolex Pipes, in their very slice-of-life campaign, challenges just that. It hits the common misconception which we harbour that all the progress happening is because of people in cities.

In the video, they ask some urban dwellers a simple question – “What do you think a person like you is doing in a village right at this time?” The predictable answers range from “Ploughing his field or something” to “Chill maar raha hoga” to “Ghoonghat me baithi hogi”. 


They then got these same people to talk to their counterparts in the villages & the truth was far from what they’d imagined.

Check it out:


We love that it’s not a preachy video. It very simply lets people themselves discover how their biases are, in fact, not true. It sends a simple but powerful message that the fate of an Indian today doesn’t depend on geographical boundaries.The first step is just a simple conversation. The Finolex brand integrates with the campaign by the analogy that if you start moving forward as ONE and open a pipeline of communication, love will begin to flow!

Like they say, it doesn’t matter where you come from… It matters where you want to go! Well done, Finolex Pipes!


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