Miller Surprised Offices In Delhi & Mumbai With A Crate Full Of ‘Miller Time’ on Employee Appreciation day

There are brands who are dull and still talking about things which are ‘so last year’. There are brands that jump on the bandwagon & do everything that’s ‘in & trending’. And then, there are brands who do something different, who create a trend, who create followers. Brands like Miller!

Back when even big cola brands were only arguing over Twitter, Miller went viral by indulging in some good natured puns & friendly banter with Zomato. Check out the whole exchange here. We liked and we raved about it!

And now, Miller is at their mad best again! This time though – instead of chit chatting with other cool brands, they’re guzzling up straight to their target customers. Here’s the whole dope on what went down.

So, you know how sometimes you work really hard?



Like, really, reeehaaaallllyy hard…


No party no nothing – just work and you being a dull jack/jill


Enter Miller!


This Employee Appreciation Day Miller totally lived up to their brand philosophy of ‘Work Hard. Party Hard’. They decided to celebrate the awesome spirit of people who work hard (because they have to) and then party hard (because they want to!). You know, people like you and me!

Miller went to their offices & created a mad buzz by straight up offering them some cold ones. Needless to say people went all WOOOOHOOOO!


Cool way to reach your customers, totally live up to your brand proposition & make people happy! Miller certainly got this one right. It created an aspiration too. Bet you want Miller to drop by your office next – go ahead & tell them (tweet or message), they just might! 😉

Until then – Work hard, Party hard!



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