If managing your savings is giving you sleepless nights, then the Fisdom app is for you!

If you’re not super savvy with your finances, or even fin-challenged, we’ve found an awesome product for you – Fisdom! Its an investment management product that gets you to become an investor, invest your money & track and watch it grow – all. without. jargons.

Before we tell you more, picture this:

You know that awesome feeling when you get your salary… money money money yeaaaah! You just sit there like…

200 (1).gif

…you want to be responsible, but you basically don’t reaaaaally know what to do with your money. You try your best on your own like…

200 (2).gif

…But pretty soon, you realize you need to get your act together. You gotta invest your money. So you look around. KYC forms, legalities, such hassle, much wow. You’re again like…


So you go to those drab brick & mortar, suited-booted, investment manager people. They throw all kinds of jargons at you, and recommend all sorts of things. It’s all very impressive but also very shady. Every sentence seems to have a catch! Aaaaaa

wait what.gif

Enter Fisdom!

It saves you the pain of torturous KYC paper forms – be smart & just take pictures of your documents on your phone, take a selfie, and voila, KYC done! It’s actually got a lot of really relevant use-cases – SIP, tax saving, investing surplus money and even goal based investing (you know, like I want to retire at 45 with a villa in Spain, what should I do with my money?)

It’s a pretty smart app, great potential substitute for an advisor. It can process past performance, underlying portfolio, fund manager track record, view on the markets, your age & what not to tell you what works. You can pick your asset mix, so you take the risk you’re okay with. Sounds interesting, right? Be yourself & make your money grow!


It’s available on Google Play and on the web – go check it out!


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