Twitter Is Buzzing With Myntra and Reebok’s Quirky Chat About Fashion and Fitness

We are so used to brands hurling rocks at each other on social media (Ref : Ola vs Uber), that it feels a little odd in the gut when two corporations acknowledge each other’s existence, let alone engage in a friendly conversation with each other on social media. And when they do that, oh man, doesn’t it humanize them!

Brands originally took to social media to engage with their customers, but of late they are also engaging with other brands, which sets a pretty good viewing. Earlier today, Myntra and Reebok got into a quirky conversation which was filled with emojis – something our millennials will relate to. While the story unfolded, we were ready with our popcorn.

avzgtIt all started with Reebok greeting Myntra early in the day.

Rise and Shine!


..and in no time this escalated to an emoji-conversation about fashion and fitness. C’mon we all have done this at least once with our friends. Check it out. 2016-04-14 23-18-46

“Let’s join hands to celebrate a day dedicated to fitness and fashion at Myntra”

Absolutely refreshing to see brands make such great use of Twitter. This not only got their message across to the users, but also engaged them and got them decoding the tweets.

If any other brands are listening, this is how you do it!



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