Miller Time At VH1 Supersonic!

Miller did some phenomenal branding with the VH1 Supersonic & we can not stop raving about it.

So what’s the usual when brands sponsor an event? Hoardings, standees, tshirts, DJs announcing their name over and over again… you get the drift. But Miller took a different route.

They created some very, very cool properties at the actual Supersonic venue in Goa, which had thousands of people there going completely cray! Here are 5 of the maddest highlights:

1) It’s Miller Time!

Their signature brand line with an actual giant 10ft bottle. People couldn’t stop tripping over this. Hic!


2) …Miller Equalizer!

An actual giant, shiny equalizer which reacted to the energy of the crowd. Whatta genius marketing stunt to get the buzz going!


Miller_Supersonic_4_03_16 (1)

3) ….Miller hoops!

A mad fun section at the event where people could actually play hoops like a good ol’ beer pong game. Happy people with music & hoops – what’s not to love.


4)…Miller bands!

Glow bands at a music festival which are not tacky & totally cool? Can’t go wrong with that.


5) ….aaaaand Miller Rain!

Yep, there was rain too. Nope, not beer drops. Miller Coupons! Falling from the sky like golden rain. Got people running around and created a whole lot of engagement. 2016-04-18 19-11-58

To top it all, they ran a #MillerGoldenTicket contest on Twitter, coupled with an on-ground treasure hunt that got 16 lucky winners to attend the VH1 Supersonic. Watch the aftermovie with all the Miller madness below.


#MillerGoldenTicket & #MillerAtSupersonic were all trending top 10 on twitter. Happy customers, lots of eyeballs & even more fun – someone at Miller really got this right. Take a bow, or better still, go enjoy your Miller! 😀


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