Fosters Has A Daaaaaamn Cold Avatar This Summer!

With the scorching sun and the sultry summer, there’s one brand playing it daaaaamn cool…er cold! Fosters has come up with a refreshing & awesome packaging that has got people raving and reaching out for refills! So much so, that they got a campaign trending on #HaveYouSeenIt on Twitter. This created a lot of buzz & conversations around the mysterious new Fosters avatar. Here’s the whole dope on what they’ve done:

1) This one is our absolute favourite: a thermocromatic label.

Sounds fancy, and trust us, it is! It’s this unique snowflake symbol on the bottle which turns blue when the drink is cold. God bless you, Fosters.


2) Ringpull feature that lets you open that bottle without looking for an opener!

This got people all over Twitter raving about it.

3) A longer bottle, with ergonomic design… that’s smart talk for you get to hold your Fosters bottle more easily. 

Stoppit Fosters, you’re making us cry with all this care :’) Check out Abish Matthew’s fun take on this!

4) And finally, their logo putting some glorified emphasis on the “F”! 

They even came up with a lot of funny & pun-ny creatives around this, which have been getting a lot of audience traction…

There’s an additional fun dimension to this Fosters campaign in their quirky new TVC. Themed around “Finding Sid” where Sid is symbolic for the ultimate fun guy, the guy who’s the life of the party, the guy everyone’s looking for. And where’s Sid? Where Fosters is, of course! You can watch the video here:


Living up to their whole brand values of being refreshing & humourous, this is a spot on campaign by Fosters! So, #HaveYouSeenIt? 😀

Go grab a cold one!


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