This Ad Needs To Be Made Fun Of, There Is No Other Way We Can Digest This Retardness

So, what are two big trends in the world of advertising this year?

1) Social Experiments

Yes, we do a lot of them. We asked these strangers to do that, and we asked these women about that. People are relating to reality, and agencies are jumping on it like its the last local in Bombay.

2) Feminism

Apologies for using the word loosely, but anything to do with women, how they are beautiful from the inside, how they can be successful, so on and so forth.

This jewelry brand forced fitted both these ideas into one horrific ad, that needs to be shot down right now, before young girls start learning from it.

They asked a bunch of women about the relevance of jewellery in their lives, and then moved onto a social experiment. The experiment had identical twins sitting next to each other, with only one difference – one wore jewellery, the other didn’t. Then, they asked this horrific question –

Which of these twins would make a better entrance at a meeting?

The planted answer was ofcourse, the one with the jewellery. Check out the retardness below :



This ad is so stupid, it makes KRK look good. It is naive to think that jewellery can define you as a person, and not wearing it can define you in the opposite way. It also has a negative impact when young girls watch something like this. Wear your accessories if you want to, and leave them behind if you don’t want to. Keep it simple.

Whoever made this ad, for the sake of humanity we hope you are using protection.


3 thoughts on “This Ad Needs To Be Made Fun Of, There Is No Other Way We Can Digest This Retardness

  1. I think you guys seriously need to revisit the meaning of ‘offensive’ and ‘horrific’, because clearly, you like to use it really loosely. For sanity’s sake, stop sensationalizing everything that’s related to women and their appearance in the name of this misplaced brand of feminism that you and others like you like to brandish, just to get a few more hits on your website.
    The ad may not be the most remarkable ever, but it sure was nowhere close to offensive. What’s wrong in saying that if a person is better dressed, they’ll make a better entrance at a meeting? Just the fact that there are two women sitting as subjects in an opinion poll doesn’t make it ‘offensive’ or ‘horrific’.
    And like you said, “Wear your accessories if you want to, and leave them behind if you don’t want to. Keep it simple.”, even this ad doesn’t polarize opinions. Even in the beginning, they’re pretty balanced about the relevance of jewellery and towards the end, they are not going crazy over it. As for your point that this ad propagates the message that ‘jewellery defines you as a person’, tell me one thing – if there had been two identical men in a similar situation, the only difference being that one is wearing neatly polished shoes and the other the opposite, wouldn’t you have said the former had a chance of making a better impression at a meeting? But does it mean that we are saying your shoe polish defines you as a person? No.
    Please stop making generic, baseless predictions on the impact of this digital video on young girls.
    And for the writer, please start writing headlines that are sensible, rather than sensational. Hopefully, then one day, you’ll start creating stuff rather than merely commenting on it.

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  2. It’s same with fairness cream ads is it not. Well nobody shoots it down though. Moreover, every jewellery ad subtly portrays what this one explicitly did. I agree it is pretty bad but not worse than the ones pointed out above.


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